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    How to get rid of stretch marks with homemade solutions?

    When our skin is stretched excessively, stretch marks appear. It is a skin phenomenon that generally appears during pregnancy, after sudden weight loss or gain, or even during growth in adolescence. Taking certain medications can also cause stretch marks to appear. Either way, stretch marks aren’t always pretty to look at. So how do you get rid of it with homemade solutions?

    Stay hydrated

    Water is one of the easiest and most effective solutions to reduce stretch marks. When you drink water, you hydrate your skin and make it more supple and softer. In this sense, your skin will have a tighter appearance even if it means removing any reliefs caused by stretch marks. Well hydrated skin also prevents the appearance of new stretch marks. So, you need to drink at least two liters of water a day for the water to work.

    Using aloe vera

    Aloe vera is a plant known for its healing and soothing properties. In this sense, aloe vera can also be used as a treatment to reduce, or even eliminate, stretch marks. To do this, take an aloe vera leaf, break it off and apply the inside of the leaf (where there is the aloe vera gel) directly to the affected body part. Let sit for a few minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. This action can be done once a day: when you wake up or in the evening. Alternatively, you can also use aloe vera gel directly.

    Egg whites

    Egg whites are rich in vitamins and amino acids. Hence, they can perfectly serve as a treatment for stretch marks by repairing the damaged skin. To do this, beat the egg whites until stiff, beating them gently. Once done, apply the mounted egg white to the affected area using a brush or sponge. Then leave it on until the egg white dries up and rinse off with cold water afterwards. Finally, finish the treatment by hydrating your skin by applying a thin layer of vegetable oil.

    In short, here are three simple and effective solutions that you can try at home if you want to get rid of your stretch marks. Anyway, if these persist, we advise you to opt for more radical solutions such as laser or micro-dermabrasion. However, before applying them, remember to consult the advice of your doctor and dermatologist.

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    Cold shower, hot shower: which one to choose?

    The moment of the shower is always considered a moment of relaxation and a moment to recharge one’s batteries. However, the shower still splits. Between those who like a hot shower and those who prefer a cold shower, there is a big border. So which one to choose? In this article, we’ll walk you through the differences between these two schools as well as the benefits of each shower so you can choose the right one.

    The hot shower and its benefits

    To relax and unwind

    When the shower does not exceed 38 ° C and 39 ° C, it can be very relaxing. This effect is felt immediately as soon as our body is in contact with hot water. In this sense, it will release all the tensions that we can feel in our muscles. The hot shower therefore loosens muscle contractions and relieves any stiffness.

    At the same time, the hot shower also slows down our breathing and causes us to breathe more deeply. Thus, faced with this situation, we are indirectly obliged to concentrate on our breathing even if it means forgetting, for a moment, our daily worries. In short, the hot shower relaxes us and relaxes us.

    To cleanse the skin

    You should also know that heat has beneficial effects on our skin. It allows, in particular, to dilate the pores. This action results in the more efficient release and elimination of all toxins from the skin. In short, a good hot shower therefore cleanses the skin thoroughly.

    At the same time, the more the pores are dilated, the better the care we apply to our skin will be able to penetrate. Also, hot showers are much more effective at removing any excess oily and soiling from the skin. However, even if the hot water is effective, it will be necessary to pay attention to its temperature. The latter should not be too high.

    The cold shower and its benefits

    To tone up and for better calorie expenditure

    The cold shower is known to be invigorating and invigorating. More explicitly, it stimulates our body and wakes it up so as to boost muscle fibers. So if you need to get in shape for a day, nothing better than a good cold shower. In addition, the cold shower promotes concentration.

    Besides that, if you want to lose weight or if you adopt a slimming diet, the cold shower should be a good ally. In fact, a cold shower contributes greatly to weight loss by causing the body to burn more calories to warm up. Anyway, it should be noted that a cold shower is not a miracle cure for losing weight. It will have to be associated with physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet.

    To boost the immune system

    When you take a cold shower, more precisely at a temperature of around 15 ° C, your body automatically produces more white blood cells. However, the main role of the latter is to defend our organism against possible external aggressions. Thus, by taking a cold shower, you boost your immunity and protect your body from any risk of external aggression.

    But still, a good cold shower provides better blood circulation to our body. Consequently, all the organs of the body, when it is in contact with the cold, will be better oxygenated. This is to say that the organs will be better supplied with nutrients and will function better. In addition, a cold shower can greatly improve well-being.

    In short, the cold shower and the hot shower each have their advantages. The important thing is to listen to your body and choose the temperature that suits it. If a hot shower is what suits you best, be careful not to exceed ten minutes. On the other hand, if you are tempted by the cold shower, you have to get used to it by gradually reducing the temperature of the water.

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    Take care of your nails on a daily basis

    To avoid having soft, yellowish or brittle nails, you must know how to take care of your nails on a daily basis. However, you never know what routine you could adopt to avoid breaking your nails. Here are some tips to help you take care of your nails on a daily basis to keep them clean and healthy.

    Always use healthy products

    To take care of your nails on a daily basis, it is more than important to always use healthy products. Prefer natural varnishes as well as acetone-free solvents. Polishes made with natural products can only be beneficial for your nails. Indeed, they harden the nails and beautify them by stimulating the production of keratin and zinc. As for the solvents, those without acetone better protect the nails from possible external aggressions.

    Moisturize your nails well

    Besides using natural products, it is also important to always moisturize your nails. To do this, use vegetable oil like sweet almond oil or castor oil. Then, gently massage your nails with the oil to make it penetrate. Hydration of the nails strengthens them and nourishes the cuticles. You can apply these moisturizers to your fingernails as well as your toenails.

    Gently file your nails

    If you want to have strong and healthy nails, you need to file them gently. In this sense, it is absolutely necessary to avoid metal files which are too rough and which risk further attacking the nails. It is best to use cardboard files. Also, you must learn how to properly file your nails. To do this, you can file your nails in the same direction, especially from the base to the tip. Frequent and fast back and forth will only damage your nails.

    Detach from bad habits

    Some habits are bad and affect our well-being. Indeed, biting our nails, for example, has harmful effects on our nails. This bad habit can sometimes transmit germs and bacteria. Therefore, to get rid of this bad habit, you can protect your nails via a layer of clear polish or even use bitter tasting polish to deter yourself from constantly biting your nails.

    To summarize, here are some tips that could help you take care of your nails on a daily basis. Paying attention to the products you use and adopting a good routine are the keys to having healthy, healthy nails. So what are you waiting for to apply them?

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    What to do in case of a cramp?

    Cramping is a common phenomenon. Everyone, at some point in their life, has to deal with this phenomenon. However, when a cramp does occur, sometimes we feel like it’s the end of the world and we won’t be able to move in our lifetime. But then, in such moments, what to do? Here are some tips that might help you relieve a cramp.


    Of course, it’s not easy to stretch when a cramp occurs. Still, stretching can be an effective solution when your muscles are contracting. More explicitly, when a muscle is cramped, it means that it accumulates a certain amount of calcium which contracts it. Therefore, stretching the muscle in question will provide pain relief by removing the muscle spasm. To do this, perform passive flexion by raising the foot and pulling on the toes.

    Massage yourself with essential oil or plants

    Certain plants (like Solomon’s seal or juniper) and certain essential oils (like peppermint or spruce) have effective properties to fight against cramps. Indeed, these plants and essential oils have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and heating effects. To perform the massage, apply the essential oil or a gel from the plant to the painful area. Then make circular movements for the massage.


    If you suffer from repeated cramps, it is also possible to relieve the pain by drinking water. The more you hydrate, the more you will eliminate toxins present in the muscle. In this way, you will also reduce the excitability of the nerves in the muscle. The ideal is to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. This amount should increase if you engage in strenuous physical activity. Also, you should focus on waters with a high magnesium content.

    Grandmother’s remedies

    There are also grandma’s remedies to relieve cramps. Among these remedies, you can do a magnesium and potassium cure. For this, consume frequently honey, chocolate and bananas as these foods are rich in potassium and magnesium. Besides, you can also use cranberry peel, juice it and drink a cup of it when cramps appear. After about twenty minutes, your cramps should go away.

    So here are some tips that could help you relieve your cramps, whether they are repetitive or not. Also, you should know that today it is possible to prevent cramps by hydrating yourself properly, warming up the muscles before physical exertion and stretching after that.

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    Why should we consume chia seeds regularly?

    Little known in Europe, but very popular in Latin America, chia seeds are small seeds, but with great virtues. Indeed, chia seeds are known to be one of the best allies for staying healthy. But is this really the case? Should we be consuming it regularly? If we did, what would happen?

    For better digestion

    You should know that chia seeds are very rich in fiber. 100 grams of chia seeds contain approximately 35 grams of fiber. In this sense, chia seeds then act to ensure good transit, i.e. good intestinal health. Indeed, fibers intervene to facilitate digestion and to reduce the acidity present in the stomach. Chia seeds can therefore properly help you if you are suffering from constipation.

    For effective weight loss

    In addition, chia seeds are also a great appetite suppressant. This is due to their mucilaginous property which causes them to swell on contact with a liquid. This property has an effect on the feeling of hunger, because it gives a feeling of satiety. This prevents you, subsequently, from snacking between meals. So, if you want to lose weight, it is best to incorporate chia seeds into your diet.

    For better bone and tooth health

    Another good thing about chia seeds is that they help support healthy teeth and bones. As they are also rich in calcium, they have the benefit of strengthening teeth and bones. Moreover, if you are lactose intolerant, you can very well replace milk with chia seeds to ensure your bone health. In addition, it seems that chia seeds can even prevent osteoporosis.

    For beautiful skin

    Chia seeds also have the property of hydrating the skin. Indeed, they are strongly composed of proteins. These then act to nourish the skin in depth and therefore to hydrate it. By consuming chia seeds regularly, you will then give your skin a certain elasticity. Chia seeds also have the ability to regenerate the skin by repairing its tissues. Additionally, you can use chia seeds on your skin if you suffer from irritation.

    For more energy

    Finally, chia seeds are also known to be a good ally for athletes. As they are rich in carbohydrates, potassium and proteins, they allow athletes to control their blood sugar level, especially during physical exertion. Moreover, chia seeds hold more potassium than bananas. In this sense, they are therefore more effective for recovery after heavy physical activity.

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    The mother was shocked when she saw what her husband was doing with their children

    It was while watching the recording she had hidden in their house that she understood what was going on. Suddenly, she froze in place when she finally saw what was on her mind. Her mouth opened as she continued to look at the footage of her husband and their two children. Her heart was pounding hard against her chest. Not once did she think this would happen. She was surprised at what she saw and didn’t believe it was true.

    It was probably nothing more than a joke. After all, she had always thought that her husband was her soul mate. He was a loving husband who always behaved well with her and their children. It turned out that there were things that even she didn’t know about the love of her life, her childhood sweetheart! How did she react after watching the video? How her dear husband behave towards their children so that it left her speechless. She had no idea at all that he could behave like this. Read on to find out.

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    Do you remember Octomom? This is what she has become

    The incredible story of Nadya Suleman aka Octomom caused a buzz around the world at the beginning of 2009. This woman gave birth to eight children, and therefore octuplets. This is also why she was given the nickname Octomom. Nadya Suleman’s octuplets captured the interest of a large audience for some time. Of course, the mom also wowed the world during and beyond her pregnancy. Her case interested more than one and in particular made her attending physicians sweat.

    When announcing her pregnancy, Octomom drew retaliation from a few. However, she’s also built a network of loyal fans and supporters, and for good reason, there aren’t many mothers like her. Regardless of the public reaction, the mother of octuplets has always done her best to take care of her babies. She acted like a real mother, even if her decision was not always able to satisfy everyone. The arrival of a child can turn a life upside down, so imagine eight at the same time. Today, let’s see where she is with her octuplets?

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    Coffee: good or bad for your health?

    Some of us cannot start our day without coffee. Indeed, for some people, coffee is the start of a new day. This is what boosts them and motivates them to face the day. Others, losing their motivation, even take coffee during the day to regain it. But is coffee really good for you?

    What are the health dangers of coffee?

    Insomnia and irritability

    Too much coffee can cause insomnia and can make a person really irritable and vulnerable. This is due to its caffeine composition. Indeed, overconsumption of caffeine can stimulate and excite our brain so as to expose us to a high level of stress.

    In high doses, coffee can therefore increase the heart rate and blood pressure. It is even a source of palpitation and tachycardia if one is not careful. In short, a strong dose of coffee will then make us so stressed and nervous that we will not even be able to sleep. In this sense, if you lack sleep, you will be more irritable.

    The addiction

    Coffee, when consumed in excess, can also be addictive. In this case, coffee can be compared to other drugs. Moreover, the overconsumption of coffee could, apparently, cause hallucinations similar to what one can experience while taking narcotics.

    At the same time, the caffeine in coffee can easily get addicted. If you are used to drink coffee and refrain from drinking it for a day, the side effects can be dangerous. In particular, you may suffer from palpitations and migraines, but also shake and even become depressed.

    What are the health benefits of coffee?

    To prevent and fight against certain diseases

    Studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption may protect against the development of certain cancers. These studies have shown that coffee reduced the risk of developing liver, endometrial, breast, prostate, pancreas and skin cancers between 7% and 25%.

    Besides that, in good doses, coffee can also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Basically, coffee is therefore for the heart when consumed in moderation. But still, this substance has the ability to reduce the chances of developing diabetes and diseases of aging.

    For a better quality of life

    Coffee is also known to improve the quality of life of the person who consumes it. More explicitly, consuming three to four cups of coffee per day could improve alertness and concentration. So if you’re having trouble staying alert or need to concentrate better while preparing a presentation, coffee can help.

    Also, if you are athletic, coffee could have positive effects on your performance. More specifically, coffee will tend to preserve your glycogen reserves during exercise. In this sense, coffee will promote muscle contraction and act on adrenaline. Therefore, the coffee will allow you to feel less fatigue and to be more enduring.

    To sum up, coffee is therefore a good ally if you want to gain strength, boost your brain and motivate you during the day. Coffee can also make you live longer by protecting you from certain illnesses. However, you should know how to limit your consumption to three to four cups per day. Beyond this dose, coffee can be really dangerous for health at the risk of causing disease and creating addiction.

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    How to fight against water retention?

    Sensation of swelling, muscle pain, joint pain, the impression of always gaining weight: these are the symptoms that never disappoint. You are indeed retaining water. The latter is a benign situation, but it can, nevertheless, affect the quality of life. So how do you get rid of water retention? Here are some tips that might help you.

    Pay attention to your diet

    To get rid of water retention, you must, in the first place, pay attention to your diet. In this sense, you will have to think about reducing your salt intake. Indeed, salt is one of the first sources of water retention. So avoid foods that are too high in salt as well as canned products.

    Besides that, always stay well hydrated during the day. Any liquid intake is welcome (water, herbal tea, soup, fruit juice, etc.) except alcohol. But still, to ensure that your body effectively reabsorbs water, you must consume a good amount of protein (egg, nuts, almonds, cereals, etc.). Finally, choose foods with draining properties such as pineapple, grapefruit, celery and endives.

    Regularly engage in physical activity

    Venous insufficiency can be one of the causes of fluid retention. Therefore, to avoid the promotion of water retention, it is important to fight against this venous insufficiency. To do this, practicing regular physical activity remains the best solution. The more you move, the more you will activate your lymphatic circuit and the more water your body will eliminate.

    As a physical activity, you can go to the gym and do some weight training and cardio exercises. However, you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. You can very well do 30 minutes of walking, do home squats, and any other exercise that would work your whole body. In the gym or elsewhere, the goal remains the same: to sweat as much as possible.

    Massage: to get rid of water retention

    Massage against water retention is also called lymphatic drainage. It consists, in particular, of stimulating the circulation of lymph. The objective of lymphatic drainage is therefore to eliminate excess fluid in our tissues. In short, this kind of massage is very effective in the event of water retention. Moreover, some institutes even offer draining massages.

    In order to relieve water retention, you can therefore have a massage or self-massage. Use a draining cream for this. Then make circular movements in the affected area. If the water retention is most noticeable in the leg area, take a fold of the skin on the leg and roll it up and down, mimicking the motion of the waves.

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    Fluid retention: the signs that never lie

    Fluid retention is a phenomenon which can sometimes be considered benign and which dissipates naturally after a few days. However, it can also be a harbinger of more serious illness. In fact, water retention, as the name suggests, results in the accumulation of water in a tissue of the body. So how do you know you are retaining water? Here are the signs that do not deceive.

    Swelling of parts of the body

    Water retention is an imbalance between the amount of water absorbed and the amount of water discharged by the body. In this sense, the rest of the water not removed will infiltrate the cells and cause swelling. Fluid retention can either be generalized all over the body or localized only to a well-defined area.

    Usually, this kind of swelling can be found in the legs or other limbs of the lower part. The ankle can also be affected by edema. Sometimes the hands and face can also be affected. Even the stomach can sometimes swell due to water retention. You may then feel some bloating.

    Weight gain and changes in the appearance of the skin

    Who says water retention, necessarily says weight gain. When you suffer from water retention, you will automatically gain weight. In particular, you can gain up to 3 kilos more. However, this weight gain can be difficult to assess during pregnancy. In this case, your best bet would be to consult your doctor.

    In addition, water retention can also be associated with a change in the appearance of the skin. Indeed, water retention leads to poor blood circulation. This can then cause discoloration of the skin. But still, your skin can become stretched and shiny. Even more so, your skin may be prone to itching.

    A feeling of heaviness and muscle pain

    When you suffer from water retention, you may sometimes feel a feeling of heaviness or stiffness in certain parts of your body. The affected areas may even be numb. You may even have trouble performing certain movements. However, if this happens to you, don’t panic.

    Finally, by suffering from water retention, you may also feel pain in your muscles. This pain can even extend to the joints. It is this feeling of stiffness that can cause these pains. This pain can also, as a result, reduce your ability to move.

    So these are the signs that show that you are suffering from water retention. So, if you recognize two to three of these symptoms, it may be that you are having water retention. To be sure and to treat it, we strongly advise you to go see a doctor. The latter can then help you get rid of it.

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    How to relieve muscle knots?

    The pain and tenderness that one can feel following a muscle knot is incomparable. These muscle knots can appear as a result of fatigue, stress or poor posture. In addition to hurting, muscle knots also affect our quality of life by reducing our mobility. So what can be done to relieve them? Here are some tips that might help you.


    In order to relieve the pain caused by the muscle knots as much as possible, it is important to relax the muscles. So, to relax tight muscles, stretching can help a lot.

    To do this, stretch the painful area by making rotational movements, shrugging your shoulders, and doing rolls on your back. You can also perform other positions that stretch the painful area. However, try to do these stretches gently.

    Massage: a great ally

    Besides stretching, you can also have a massage or self-massage to relieve muscle knots. Massaging the contracted muscle will release the tension in the muscle in question.

    The ideal would be to call a professional to insist on the painful area. On the other hand, if you do not have the possibility to do it, you can very well make yourself a self-massage. To do this, use your fingers to exert some pressure on the area. Then do circular movements and don’t forget to breathe deeply.

    Heat to relieve pain

    Heat therapy is also a solution to relieve muscle knots. This practice consists, more explicitly, in dilating the blood vessels via heat. This dilation will subsequently increase blood circulation.

    When the blood begins to circulate well, the muscles will be better oxygenated. As a result, the muscle groups will be better supplied with nutrients and will relax. To adopt thermotherapy, you can use a hot water bottle, a self-heating patch, essential oils or simply hot water.

    Adopt the right actions

    The main cause of muscle knots is poor posture. In this sense, if you want to relieve this pain, you absolutely must adopt the right gestures. Always try to watch your posture and not stay static for too long.

    Since muscle knots cannot stand a sedentary lifestyle at all, it is important to move. Do yoga, get up once in a while, and do some sport. This will relax your muscles and therefore relieve the pain caused by muscle knots. If the pain persists, we advise you to consult a doctor.

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    How to avoid muscle knots?

    Usually forming in the back, shoulders and neck, muscle knots can greatly affect quality of life. Indeed, they reduce mobility and are sources of great pain. But if so, can they be avoided? Of course, it is always possible to avoid muscle knots. Find out how to do it below.

    What can be the causes of muscle knots?

    Before talking about preventions against muscle knots, it is important to talk about their causes. In fact, there are various causes of muscle knots. Among the most common causes, we can cite: poor posture, stress, fatigue and dehydration. However, there are other less common causes

    Among these causes, we can speak of poor diet, trauma following an accident or a fall or even sleep disorders. Depending on each person, pain from a muscle knot can manifest itself in a number of ways. Some people feel their muscle swell or bump while others feel some kind of lump or tension in their muscle.

    How to prevent muscle knots?

    Good posture all day long

    As we mentioned above, muscle knots are usually caused by poor posture. In this sense, to prevent them, it is therefore more than important to pay attention to your posture.

    When working at a desk or when sitting down, always try to keep a relaxed position by relaxing the shoulders. Lower them and position them back. Also, avoid keeping your back rounded as much as possible.

    Don’t be sedentary

    Sedentary lifestyle is also one of the most common causes of muscle knots. Therefore, to avoid them, it is best to try to move as much as possible. Avoid sitting too long, even if the job requires you to.

    Every now and then, get up and take a break. Ideally, you might even get up every hour and stretch a bit. Getting up to go for coffee or tea already matters a lot. You can just go outside for some fresh air if you don’t like coffee or tea.

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle

    In order to prevent muscle knots, you must also adopt a healthy lifestyle. To do this, consider practicing regular physical exercises. This will help you avoid being sedentary. Exercise will also relax your muscles.

    Besides that, pay attention to your diet. Keep a healthy and balanced diet by focusing on foods rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. Avoid processed foods as much as possible and prefer fresh, whole foods. Finally, remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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