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    Sorry, But These Popular Bands Are Overrated And Overhyped

    While they might have some catchy tunes, some bands are really overrated. For example, take Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5, both very accomplished bands but, listening closely, people find songs in their respective albums to sound very similar. From the clumsy rock bands of the 70s to the tacky pop music of the 21st century, here are some of the most overrated bands.

    One thing we never notice is that bands become popular without the vast majority even knowing. They are significant in the lives of a huge group of people and a ripple effect creates the growth in their following. Sure enough, you know that these bands are overrated, but they make sense why they made it on the list.

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    Fashion Do’s And Don’ts If You Want To Avoid Looking Older Than Your Real Age

    Do you remember when you were young and liked to hear that you looked older? Time really does change everything. As you grow older, it resembles an insult more than it does a compliment. The good thing is that you can avoid hearing this comment depending on the way you dress. All it takes is a little eye for what works and some creativity.

    To be fair, it is not easy to keep up with the trends because they tend to change in no time at all. Fashion constantly evolves, but we drew up this list to guide you through what you need to know. At the very least, this is going to help you figure out which fads to avoid right this moment. Read on to see if you’re in a wardrobe emergency!

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    Rare Photos That Show The Behind-The-Scenes Of The Original Star Wars Trilogy

    The original Star Wars trilogy’s production was nothing short of a miracle. The cast and crew photographs below clearly demonstrate how the making of these legendary films was just as fascinating as the plot itself. When George Lucas created Industrial Light & Magic in 1975, it appears that he was looking far beyond his Star Wars stories.

    Lucas was at the vanguard of visual effects development in Hollywood through this business, and ILM played a significant role in the famous effects of Star Wars, both real and digital. Before CGI, Lucas built almost all of the space stations and vehicles in Star Wars by constructing illusions with miniature models.

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    Neighbors Are In Awe As They Watch A Little Girl Approach Her Favorite Garbage Man

    Everyone Knew Devlar Dopson

    Everyone in the neighborhood knew the local garbage man, Delvar Dopson. What they didn’t know was he had a number one fan, three-year-old Brooklyn Andracke. So, when Dopson hopped out of his truck one morning to meet the little girl, a neighbor knew she had to get it on camera. Little did she know what was actually happening.

    Delvar Dopson had been the garbage man in Bloomington, Illinois, for years. His Thursday route brought him to the same neighborhood, his face easily recognized by the residents of the community. While people didn’t know Dopson personally, there was one little girl who looked forward to seeing the sanitation worker each week — Brooklyn Andracke.

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    Horse Refuses To Give Birth – When The Vet Sees The Ultrasound He Calls The Police

    When farmer Ben saw that his horse was pregnant, he was full of joy. It meant that he was about to have another horse, which could lead to more financial wealth if it was a ‘good’ horse. After waiting for months, the moment was nearly there. The belly was heavy and the horse was showing signs of going into labor.

    The horse was about to give birth. But strangely enough, it refused to give birth even with a giant stomach. Ben decided to go to the local vet to get an ultrasound. When the vet saw the ultrasound he immediately called the police. But what was wrong with the horse? And what did Ben do wrong? Let’s find out about this curious case…

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    The Beauty Icon From The Year You Were Born

    If your mom’s photos from the ’80s are any indication, beauty trends come in and out of popularity throughout the decades. What is seen as fresh and chic one year is seen as passé and tired the next, but that’s part of the fun. You try on something new, have fun with whatever new trend “It Girls” and A-listers are wearing, and then wash it off and wait for the next fad.

     And because beauty trends are temporary, we have had a wide variety of beauty icons throughout the decades. These beauty icons were women who tapped into the zeitgeist and effortlessly mirrored what we were all feeling, wanting, and experimenting with that particular year. Because of that, fans at home rushed to copy their looks so they, too, could be “with it.”

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    Aging Diet: Stop Eating Foods That Can Cause Wrinkles And Shorten Your Life

    Our diet determines our health, vitality, and the risk of certain diseases. But some people don’t know that food can also slow down–and speed up–aging. “Can you look older because you’re eating [badly]?” asks Dr. Timothy Harlan. “Absolutely.”

    Certain foods can create wrinkles on your face, making you look older. Others significantly increase your risk of death, and some even shrink the chromosomes that control aging. If you want to extend your life, limit these foods. At best, they make you look older, and at worst, they shorten your life.

    Try Not To Char Your Grilled Meat

    When meats are charred with high heat, they receive toxins. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, grill heat creates advanced glycation end products (conveniently shortened to AGEs). These AGEs accelerate aging by inflaming the body.

    Charred minced meat kebabs cook on a grill.

    Study author Dr. Jaime Uribarri says that too many AGEs may lead to diabetes and chronic kidney disease. The good news? Black pepper can reduce the amount of these carcinogenic compounds, say researchers at Kansas University. Add some black pepper and turn down the grill temperature.

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    Actors Who Never Recovered From Their Most Distressing Roles

    Acting is one of the toughest jobs in the world. While people who are not actors think that it is all too easy to just pretend to be someone else for a movie, it takes a lot of work on the actor’s end to bring to life what is essentially a character in a script. It requires training and discipline to do a proper job when you’re acting in a movie.

    In the world of acting, it’s easy to take things a step too far. The emotional and physical investment actors dedicate to their roles can often leave them feeling broken inside. These stars dove into their roles without realizing the toll it would take on them later. Sometimes, you have to wonder—just how far would you push yourself to achieve a flawless performance?

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    15 Actors Who Did It For Real

    In movies, naughty scenes have been used to lure people into theaters, keep them inside, and hopefully, get them to forget that everything they’ve seen is fake so they can buy the merchandise that’s tied into the movie and even get it on Blu-ray or stream it online for a pretty penny and hopefully make more and more money off your sustained arousal.

    But…what if I told you that there were actors who really did do it on screen? Not some fling they had while the cameras weren’t rolling, but the so-called make-belief hanky panky that was supposed to be fake was actually real? I’m obviously not talking about dirty magazines or videos because that’s something else and it would really silly to add it here…

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    Million-Dollar Knockouts: 29+ Richest Boxers of All Time, Ranked

    Boxing is one of the oldest, yet most pure forms of sport in the world. Nothing gets people going more than two people in a ring, gloves on their hands, beating each other into submission. The artfulness and the high level of athleticism on display from these athletes are second to none, and that is what keeps people coming back.

    Some boxing legends have proven their talents go well beyond the ring, be it as brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs, or businessmen. They go beyond just boxing and are renowned all over the world not just as boxers, but as great people. Here’s a look at the great boxers who hold the highest net worth.

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    I Can’t Believe These 16 Things Actually Happened On Movie Sets

    From skyscraper-height gorillas to shark-infested tornadoes, the film industry surely has served us a lot of wild stories. However, sometimes, the wildest Hollywood stories come from behind the scenes. We sometimes wonder whether or not the scenes were planned or if there was something done by accident that made the final cut.

    Either way, the results we see in movies can be either planned or not and it still led to the experience we paid for. What catches us off guard is that other people notice these minor flaws or absurd outcomes and notice them for us. There are several blogs, articles, and videos that prove their claim and we are just lucky enough to access them.

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    20 Best Glute Exercises You Can Do At Home

    To tighten the gluteal muscles, it is not necessary to regularly visit the gym, sign up for an expensive fitness trainer, or buy special equipment. Every girl can regularly arrange a workout at home, which will help increase the elasticity of the buttocks, tighten flabby muscles and give roundness. The glutes are also one of the toughest muscles to tone.

    One thing you are not aware of is that you do not need to be trained by a professional to work on your glutes to get the tone you hope and dream of. With regards to home workouts and exercises, there are a ton you can try and harness the muscles you never thought you had. These are easily accessible through the internet via blogs and videos that can conveniently walk you through them.

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