Tips for enjoying sports outside when it’s cold!

When you stick to your good resolutions and continue your jogging sessions even in particularly cold weather, your loved ones are amazed. Indeed, for most of us, running or walking in the snow is far from the best idea. However, continuing to do sports is possible, whether it’s freezing, windy or snowing. Only, you should not venture into the cold without protection. It will also be necessary to adopt the right gestures to avoid straining a muscle.

5 reasons to move outside


Preserving the immune system

Whatever the season, sports and physical activities help strengthen the immune system. Even if you are not particularly an athlete, playing sports regularly is good for your health. Indeed, when the body receives oxygen during endurance exercise and when the muscles are called upon, the body is boosted. Certainly, this is all that the body will need in winter to stay in great shape.

A relaxing activity

Do you know the hormone that promotes relaxation and sleep? If your answer is no, know that it is endorphin. The body secretes this hormone at a favorable rate when we do more or less intense sports activities. So, for your own good, go for a run, ride your ATV, or go cross-country skiing if possible. These activities will promote your endorphin production and that’s all you need to de-stress and sleep peacefully in winter.

Conquer stress once and for all

Sport has been mentioned as a stressful activity previously. Better than a temporary remedy, sport can also be practiced with the aim of a total elimination of a state of permanent stress. Indeed, when you are active in the winter sun, for a one hour walk or a three-quarter hour run for example, you will feel “good fatigue”. You should know that physical fatigue is a good way to soothe stress and worries. Also, since you received some sun rays during your run, you will naturally be in a better mood for the rest of the day.