Vitamin A: one of the best anti-aging solutions

Vitamins. When it comes to health, these are essential! But, did you know that Vitamin A is a real anti-aging nugget?

Vitamin A is also called beta-carotene or retinol.
Are you lost? Don’t panic, beta-carotene is a provitamin form that the body will then transform into vitamin A, and retinol is the direct form of vitamin A. In summary you weren’t mistaken, there are many forms of vitamin A!

Antioxidant or anti-inflammatory, it protects you against aging! A good supply of vitamin A is essential for the body because its benefits are not limited to its anti-aging function. It contributes to the fight against infarction, and it also participates in the prevention of various cancers of the lungs, breast, kidney, prostate or even the stomach.

Where can I find vitamin A?


Fruits and vegetables, great allies Vitamin A – Photo: © Envato Elements

Vitamin A is generally found in butter, cheese, egg yolk or even certain fatty fish. But not only, provitamin A is also found in products of plant origin such as vegetables: peas, spinach, or carrots are known for their content of this vitamin. But the champion foods are especially fruits… melons, apricots or even mangoes, all are abundantly filled with vitamin A!

Did you know ?
The more colorful your fruits and vegetables, the more of this super vitamin they contain.

What are our needs?

Vitamin A needs at all ages – Photo: © Envato Elements

Our body is not very demanding of vitamin A, for a woman 0.8mg is enough, for the man the daily requirement is only 1mg. Our body’s need for vitamin A is therefore quite low. A balanced and reasonable diet will normally meet your vitamin needs.

An easy to prepare vitamin juice:

Our cocktails full of vitamins – Photo: © Envato Elements

A simple and practical recipe to make in 5 minutes for one person.


– Half a carrot
– A quarter of a mango
– A quarter of an apple
-10 cl of water or more (depending on the desired consistency)
– Some lemon zest
Cut then mix, and your vitamin juice will be ready.

If you want it to be on a cooler side leave your juice in the fridge for an hour.