Pets Help Fight Stress

Your pet is your most compassionate, loving, and caring companion. When you return home after a really busy and burdensome working day, you feel really relaxed and welcomed when your pet dog is wagging his tail and licking you in the face or you find your little pussy purring sweetly after a long day of anxious waiting. Even shopping for them and investing some of your hard-earned money in their health and hygiene has its own enjoyment.

Pets are like your own children, as they are your own family members and you can go anywhere with them, like taking them along on your holiday vacations abroad on a cruise ship or air flight. When you get a reminder email that your dog or cat has a grooming session in the beauty parlor the following weekend, you can feel your mind relax and a smile automatically appears on your lips.


Your excitement is huge when the vet announces that your dog is pregnant and soon there will be a bunch of puppies around your garden. You rush to your local store or simply open up your laptop and order some inflatable water balloons for them. The alarm which reminds you to feel the feeders sounds too good. There is no doubt that pets make you happier, healthier, and more comfortable at your home.

Modern scientific studies have revealed the facts that spending time with animals like a cat, a dog, a rabbit, or fish can reduce the levels of a stress-causing hormone called cortisol. Moreover, the researches have proved that spending some time with your pet animal will also reduce the level of your blood pressure.

Spending some time with the pet animal has also helped the children in learning social and educational skills. Pet animals are particularly helpful for children with Autism and ADHD. When they look at fish swimming inside an aquarium their level of anxiety is dropped.

Some hospitals have therapy dogs to spend time with cancer patients and patients with other terminal illnesses. Patients can manage their stress and get over a lot of pain when these loving dogs pay some attention to them.

Another latest scientific research has revealed that children with diabetes can reduce their blood glucose level by looking after a fish. Patients who were not given a fish to look after were in more pain and anxiety as compared to the ones who had a pet to look after.

Your pet animal will help you fight loneliness and enhance your mood. A pet dog needs a lot of walks which will also increase your own physical activity and control unwanted weight gain. Birds like parrots, peacocks, and chickens can also give you great company. Looking after them can manage your stress level to a great extent.

Thus, pets manage, reduce and eventually eliminate stress, altogether. The value of having someone to share your happy memories with and being able to stay with them for an entire lifetime is the most precious thing on earth.