Fluid retention: the signs that never lie

Fluid retention is a phenomenon which can sometimes be considered benign and which dissipates naturally after a few days. However, it can also be a harbinger of more serious illness. In fact, water retention, as the name suggests, results in the accumulation of water in a tissue of the body. So how do you know you are retaining water? Here are the signs that do not deceive.


Swelling of parts of the body

Water retention is an imbalance between the amount of water absorbed and the amount of water discharged by the body. In this sense, the rest of the water not removed will infiltrate the cells and cause swelling. Fluid retention can either be generalized all over the body or localized only to a well-defined area.

Usually, this kind of swelling can be found in the legs or other limbs of the lower part. The ankle can also be affected by edema. Sometimes the hands and face can also be affected. Even the stomach can sometimes swell due to water retention. You may then feel some bloating.

Weight gain and changes in the appearance of the skin

Who says water retention, necessarily says weight gain. When you suffer from water retention, you will automatically gain weight. In particular, you can gain up to 3 kilos more. However, this weight gain can be difficult to assess during pregnancy. In this case, your best bet would be to consult your doctor.

In addition, water retention can also be associated with a change in the appearance of the skin. Indeed, water retention leads to poor blood circulation. This can then cause discoloration of the skin. But still, your skin can become stretched and shiny. Even more so, your skin may be prone to itching.

A feeling of heaviness and muscle pain

When you suffer from water retention, you may sometimes feel a feeling of heaviness or stiffness in certain parts of your body. The affected areas may even be numb. You may even have trouble performing certain movements. However, if this happens to you, don’t panic.

Finally, by suffering from water retention, you may also feel pain in your muscles. This pain can even extend to the joints. It is this feeling of stiffness that can cause these pains. This pain can also, as a result, reduce your ability to move.

So these are the signs that show that you are suffering from water retention. So, if you recognize two to three of these symptoms, it may be that you are having water retention. To be sure and to treat it, we strongly advise you to go see a doctor. The latter can then help you get rid of it.