Weight loss: the mistakes you (perhaps) make when you think you are eating a balanced diet

Waiting for Christmas, we all try to lose a little weight to compensate for the astronomical amount of food that we will enjoy during these holiday periods! Yes, but now, thinking well, you may fall into the trap of conventional wisdom about healthy eating. But do not worry, we cover you !! Here are the most common mistakes.

Believe blindly to the labels “0% mg” and “light”

Ah, the art of marketing! It’s so easy to deceive people with a big “0% mg” on your lightened yoghurt pot. But think again, because to compensate for this loss, producers need to add additives to enhance the taste that has been lost. So in the end, it’s often worse. The best to do? Consume naturally, but in responsible quantities.

Smoothies for life

It’s well known, smoothies and fruit juices, it’s so “healthy”. It is not necessary, but there are limits. First of all, store-bought fruit juices are very sweet, and we are talking about added sugar. Smoothies are also sweet, certainly less, but do not abuse it either. We therefore recommend 2 glasses maximum per day.