Natural remedies for muscle soreness

After a lot of physical activity or when you have the flu, our muscles tend to contract. This is called a stiffness. Very painful, the aches can really be unbearable. But then, how to get out of it? How can we relieve these aches in a natural way? Below are the answers to your questions.


A good hot bath

It might sound weird, but yes, taking a hot bath can actually relieve aches and pains. Concretely, the heat accelerates the circulation of the blood and therefore the evacuation of acids in the muscles. Namely, it is these acids that are responsible for muscle stiffness. On top of that, a nice hot bath makes you sweat. This further promotes the evacuation of acids through sweat. A 30-minute hot bath, once a day, should provide plenty of relief from your muscle aches. However, if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or circulatory disease, a hot bath is not recommended.

Using warm compresses

As we mentioned above, the heat helps to carry away the acids accumulated in the muscles. In this sense, if you suffer from stiffness in a specific part of your body, you can use hot compresses. Warming up the aching area helps to remove lactic acid from the muscle in question. To do this, take a thin cloth and soak it in hot water. Then wring out lightly before applying it to the painful part of the muscle. Leave the fabric to act until it cools and repeat the operation two to four times if necessary.

Drink water

During its passage through the body, water also contributes to the elimination of acids responsible for muscle stiffness. Low-mineralized water is ideal as it easily carries lactic acids with it. In this sense, it is strongly recommended to drink more than 1.5 liters of water per day. The more you drink low-mineralized water, the more you will relieve your muscle aches. If you want to get rid of muscle soreness, make water your best ally. To do this, drink a small amount regularly.


If heat is effective in relieving muscle stiffness, so is cold. Indeed, cryotherapy can be done in several ways and is widely known to prevent and relieve muscle aches. You can: either have a cold massage or apply ice cubes to the painful areas. However, be careful when using ice cubes. You must place them in a cloth and not put the ice cube directly in contact with your skin. In addition, you can also completely submerge the painful area in cold water.