How to dissolve kidney stones naturally?

Kidney stones are crystals that form in the kidneys. These crystals can sometimes cause sharp pain in the kidneys as well as in the urinary system. If these kidney stones are too big to dissolve, surgery will need to be done. On the other hand, if there is still the possibility of dissolving them, this can be done naturally. But how ?


Some water

How much ?

In order to be able to completely dissolve kidney stones, it is more than important to drink water. By drinking water, you cause the crystals to dissolve while reaching the entire urinary tract before being passed out with the urine. For an adult, it is strongly recommended to drink at least two liters of water per day. If it is too hot or if you practice physical activity, it is advisable to drink more than two liters of water during the day.

How often ?

Also, know when to drink water. To avoid renal colic, you have to distribute your water consumption well throughout the day. The goal is not to drink the two liters only in the morning, but to distribute this quantity throughout the day. So drink half a liter of water between dinner and bedtime. Likewise, if you wake up at night, don’t hesitate to drink a glass of water.

Lemon juice

Studies have shown that lemon juice can help dissolve kidney stones. Indeed, because it is rich in citric acid, lemon makes the pH of urine alkaline. Therefore, the alkaline medium favorably reduces the formation or increase of kidney stones. So, if you want to find an alternative to potassium citrate treatment, lemon juice can be of great help to you. In order for lemon juice to dissolve the kidney stone, it should be drunk 85 ml per day.

The grenade

Pomegranate is known to be an effective antioxidant. Moreover, it has proven itself against prostate cancer. In this sense, the pomegranate can indeed act to protect the kidneys. In fact, pomegranate juice has the effect of reducing the acidity level of urine. It also lowers the risk of kidney stones developing and getting worse. At the same time, pomegranate promotes muscle relaxation in the urinary tract. This is what makes it easier to remove existing kidney stones. To do this, you can consume the pomegranate as a whole fruit or as a juice.