These natural remedies for indigestion

Bloating, roasting, cramping, pain: these are hard-to-live symptoms of indigestion. Especially during the holiday season, with all the heavy meals, bad digestion can quickly appear.


It is true that it is a rather uneasy and complicated situation during which we tell ourselves that we will not eat as much. But in this situation, the important thing is above all to know how to cope, especially if you do not want to consume drugs. So here are some natural remedies for indigestion that you can adopt.

Green tea

Green tea is mainly known for its stimulating properties. In fact, green tea is made up of different anti-oxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. However, these components act to stimulate digestive function and the intestines. Green tea can therefore be a great ally if you suffer from indigestion.

To do this, you can make yourself an infusion of green tea in a large cup. Let the tea steep for five minutes before drinking it. However, pregnant women and people on treatment should seek the advice of their doctor before adopting this natural remedy.


Fruits and vegetables are also effective foods for fighting digestion. The apple, in particular, is very rich in fiber. These are known to cleanse the digestive system and facilitate intestinal transit. The apple is therefore ideal for relieving stomach aches.

In fact, it is the skin of the apple rich in pectin that will act to protect the stomach. However, in this case, be careful to only consume organic apples. Indeed, if they are not organic, you run the risk of consuming apples with a certain pesticide content. Which could be dangerous for your health.


Ginger is an integral part of the spices we use in cooking on a daily basis. In addition to being a great flavor enhancer, ginger is an effective anti-oxidant. As a result, ginger can be used perfectly to help the body digest it better. In addition to this, ginger promotes the secretion of mucus which protects against ulcers.

More explicitly, ginger will act to better absorb the food consumed. Along with this, it will also break down proteins so that they can be assimilated much more easily. In short, for better efficiency, you can consume ginger infusion or capsule.