20 tips to keep food longer

The waste in Europe and in the world is a source of controversy: we complain about paying too much for too little and yet a quarter of the food we buy ends up in the trash. In general, we can agree that the waste is bad, that’s why we have grouped 20 tips to extend the life of your food.

1. Lawyers

Vulnerable, they rot very quickly in the open air. To preserve a avocado, the onion is perfect: it is naturally antiseptic and stuffed with antioxidants that slow down the rotting of the avocado. Simply place the unused half of your avocado in a container (not plastic) with an onion. So your lawyer will stay fresh longer, just be careful not to wait too long!

2. Bananas

After buying or picking bananas, they rot very quickly in a few days. This rotting is due in part to the exposed stem. To solve this, simply wrap it with stretch film. The solution will add a few more days to your bananas, but do not delay too much to eat them, you can not do much against the natural rotting of an organic body.