A tea bag in dirty dishes? If you read this, you’ll do it immediately!

A tea bag in the dirty dishes. A strange but very practical trick!

Tea, a tasty drink that you enjoy no matter what time of day. But that’s still a drink, right?

Interestingly, tea is the second most drunk drink in the world.


Tea bags

A good cup of tea in the morning for this little boost that launches the day healthier than coffee, or in the afternoon to help digestion, or even the evening to relax after a hard day’s work what happiness.
And once finished, hop in the trash … No! Wait, and keep reading to find out what you can do with this simple tea bag.

Clean dirty dishes?

As strange as it sounds, tea is very handy for dishwashing. We all had these evenings when we decided to cook a good dish to realize later how unpleasant it is to clean a really greasy dish.

Do not worry anymore! Soak your dishes in the sink and place 3 or 4 tea bags in the water. Let it sit overnight and the dishes will be much easier to clean the next day. Indeed, tea has degreasing properties, great no?