Have you ever put a sponge in the fridge? Do it! This tip is super convenient!

A sponge in the refrigerator holds all the moisture!

Sometimes the simplest of solutions is the best, just like a sponge. Usually used for cleaning, this handy tool hides a secret that is more obvious than you think.


The effects of the refrigerator on your fresh vegetables!

We choose fresh vegetables rather than frozen for their taste and their texture so … fresh. Only, we are often disappointed when we finally decide to eat this carrot that we bought 5 days ago. Indeed, the refrigerator has a detrimental effect on fresh vegetables, making them less tasty. So of course we could just keep them at room temperature, but they will rot much faster.

Vegetables end up this way because they absorb moisture in the fridge. And as the title suggests, the simplest solution is to place a sponge in your refrigerator.


It is very simple: the sponge is primarily used to absorb liquids, placing it in your refrigerator, it will absorb some of the moisture that is there. Of course it is not magic, its use is limited, to achieve the desired results (here, have fresh vegetables at all costs) it is better to place the sponge in the compartment concerned by the problem (here the crisper ). That’s it, you do not have to worry about a lack of freshness anymore!