Find out why you should hide a piece of soap under your sheets

To be sick, it really sucks! Not only do you feel bad, but you also have to spend a fortune on drugs …

Do not worry anymore, I found a homemade remedy that will not cost you anything!

Did you know that placing a piece of soap in your sheets is a miracle cure for a disease that many of us suffer from?


About one in ten American adults have RLS, restless legs syndrome. You know, these pains in your legs, often accompanied by tingling and cramps. They can cause sleep problems, which will only increase your fatigue and distract you during your day.

Doctors around the world are trying to find a cause for this problem, but without real success. Some suspect that iron deficiency, kidney failure, diabetes, rheumatic disease or other diseases can contribute to this.

But how can soap help?

It’s unclear why, but some people who have used this technique say that putting soap in bed has helped relieve restless legs and muscle cramps.