To avoid diseases, consume these foods!

We often hear that the health of man first passes by his plate. If you give your body everything it needs, it will be ready to face the winter and its diseases. The right nutrient intake is therefore very important in your diet and some foods are excellent for health if they are consumed regularly. Here are 7 foods that will help you to stay healthy!

1. The kiwi is your friend


Kiwis contain a lot of vitamin C, which brings energy to the human body and drives out fatigue and bad mood. They also contain a lot of fiber which prevents constipation. If the kiwi is consumed regularly, it also has a preventive effect for some cancers thanks to the antioxidants it contains.

2. Fill up on garlic

The benefits of this food are no longer to prove. These antioxidants therefore protect against heart disease and also reduce bad cholesterol. It also prevents the aging of the skin and certain cancers like that of the stomach for example. The best way to eat it is to chop it and eat it raw.

3. Carrots at will

It is also a food that helps fight against constipation thanks to the fibers it contains. Carrots are also rich in natural pigments called carotenoids and help prevent certain cancers such as lung cancer. They also help to improve eyesight. So do not hesitate to consume as much as you want!

4. Walnuts and almonds

If it’s snack time and you’re hungry, do not hesitate to nibble nuts or almonds rather than over-fat and sweet products. They are healthier especially if they are eaten pure, that is to say without adding salt. They will help your blood circulation and even help relieve headaches.

5. Black radish

It is true that it is unfortunately not the best known vegetables and yet it allows the elimination of toxins in the body, also helps the digestive system to work well and will bring you vitamin C by eliminating the fatigue of your body . And that’s not all, it also prevents infections of the gall bladder and liver! A food to have in his fridge!

6. Many chia seeds

Chia seeds promote good intestinal transit and prevent constipation thanks to its many fibers and its omega-3 intake. They also help prevent diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. To enjoy their benefits, they must be soaked in water before eating.

7. Tomato paste

Tomato concentrate is obviously made with tomatoes, but cooked tomatoes that release lypocene, which fights against aging skin and also prevents heart disease and some cancers. The tomato concentrate contains antioxidants, vitamins C and E … Should we still convince you to consume?