5 things you never thought you’d do before being a mom

There is no instruction manual when it comes to raising children. Women can prepare and read books on the subject, but only when your child is pointing out that you are really aware of things. Everything changes when you become parents. Even what you thought you would never be able to do before seems easy with your child. And here are 5 examples of things you do now that you are parents but you never thought of doing before being a mom!


1. Give birth


You have always heard that giving birth is the most beautiful thing in the world. Except that when you have no children and you do not expect to have children so soon, this is by far the worst idea of ​​the most beautiful thing in the world. You may not think you can, and now that your child is here, you cherish this moment as one of the best in your life.


2. Lack of sleep and stay cool

When we have no children, sleep is sacred. And yet, when you have children, it is twice as much! Waking up 7 times a night is not part of your new hobbies, but watching your baby asleep and feeding him is now part of your nights knowing all this is fleeting. And you wake up in a good mood early in the morning to start the ritual of your day again. All this with a smile because you spend time with your baby.


3. Live a life with a child

Before, you get up in the morning, work, lunch and social life bonus. Now you must not only think about yourself and your professional life, but you must also take care of baby, feed him, change him, find time for your man, maintain your home, and try to have a semblance of social life … you never thought you could do it all at the same time and yet life goes on and you’re doing well!


4. Support baby smells without flinching

If before you could not bear the smell of a baby diaper with a few meters apart, when it concerns your own child, that’s another story. You plant your nose on the diaper to find out if baby has pooped well and you even closely observe his stool to be sure of a good transit. The smell of vomit does not disgust you anymore and you wipe it off with an expert hand. Becoming a mom changes you!


5. Love unconditionally

You have often been told that the love you have for your child is inexplicable. And indeed, you can not explain it but from the moment you became a mother, you were taken with an endless love for your baby and the desire to protect him for a lifetime. It is a feeling that can only be felt when you become a parent and you can not imagine feeling before you have children.